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November 13, 2000


Letters to the Editor

We will always remember you, Karri

Letters to the EditorAn accident in Duvall this past weekend took the lives of three people. I was blessed to know one of them, Karri Wilson.

Traumas of the Thanksgiving visit home from the American Counseling Association

Letters to the EditorThis month will see the beginning of the "holiday visit home" season.

College friends want to help friend's wishes come true

Letters to the EditorWe are writing to tell you about a dear friend, Jill McAuley from Woodinville, and ask for your help.

Daughter wishes to pay tribute to her mother who works in Woodinville

Letters to the EditorA little boy asked his mother "Why are you crying?"

City should drop parks impact fees for businesses

Letters to the EditorAfter attending the final meeting of the Woodinville Planning Commission on the parks impact fees for Woodinville businesses, I came away with the impression that the consultants who wrote the PRO Plan recommendations never read the state law on impact fees.

Fire District appreciates support

Letters to the EditorI would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your ongoing support of Fire District 45 and, specifically, your support of the Stations Bond on the recent ballot.

Pastor is thankful for article

Letters to the EditorAt the time you issued the Woodinville Weekly vol. 24 No. 52 Oct. 9, I was driving from the Maximum Security Prison in Monroe, where I just preached to the inmates, across the land heading to Enumclaw, when I stopped by this nice town and saw my own picture in the newspaper.

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