Northwest NEWS

Nember 13, 2000



Oct. 25: A female reported someone had pried open the driver's side door of her car and removed CDs and a newly purchased candle. A 12" color TV was removed from the trunk. Her car had been locked in her assigned carport at a Woodinville apartment complex. Substantial damage occurred to the ignition, the dashboard and her stereo faceplate was missing.
   Oct. 31: Results received from a marijuana technician report concluded green vegetable matter tested positive for marijuana that was found on a juvenile arrested Oct. 14. A copy of the report was mailed to the juvenile's home, and the case will be sent to the King County Juvenile Division Prosecutor.
   Nov. 4: A suspect came to sell some skis to a local business. Unfortunately for the suspect, the clerk recognized the skis as a pair he had sold the previous week to another customer. The clerk phoned the customer, who then noticed his skis were missing. The clerk called police and the suspect fled. But the quick thinking clerk got the vehicle license plate number.
   Nov. 5: Police were called to the home of a woman whose juvenile son had assaulted her. The juvenile was arrested on fourth degree assault charges for knocking things over, cutting his mother and making threatening statements to her.
   Nov. 6: When a suspect tried to outrun police going 55 in a 25 mph zone, he didn't get far before police pulled him over. In the suspect's vehicle was a gold smoking pipe with residue. The suspect was booked into King County Jail on reckless driving, driving with an expired license, drug paraphernalia possession and possession of drugs (awaiting test results).