Northwest NEWS

November 20, 2000


100% Certified Staff PTSA Membership at Cedarcrest

The Cedarcrest High School PTSA proudly celebrates having every teacher and administrator enrolled as current year PTSA members. How many schools, including elementary and middle schools, can boast this rare feat? This is as good as it gets and it came painlessly. As a group of active parent volunteers who have been afforded various opportunities to team with the Cedarcrest faculty, we value their unmatched commitment, talent, energy, and professionalism to be among the very best in the business.
   Most inspiring is their uncompromising pursuit of excellence in preparing our students for the real world beyond high school.
   Indeed, they are impacted by a wide range of challenges, influences, accountability and growth issues, and increasing demands from all sides. Perhaps it comes naturally to those who interface with these unsung heroes to truly appreciate the sacrifices and long hours the staff readily and willingly dedicates, in exchange for the betterment of Cedarcrest and its students. Most parents, myself included, would never consider doing their job for the pay these folks receive.
   In spite of the adversities confronting small districts like Riverview, the numerous successes and achievements at Cedarcrest are impressive and multiplying in all areas of discipline. How fortunate our children are to be blessed with these exceptional people helping them reach their potential.
   Belated acknowledgement to the Cedarcrest staff for the "Award of Recognition" celebrating this solid partnership and team work with the 99-00 PTSA, and to Clarence Lavarias for the "Outstanding Principal Award" for his superb leadership.
   On behalf of the Cedarcrest PTSA Board of Directors, I urge you all to support educational Initiatives 728, representing $5,137,200 in additional funding for Riverview for the next 5 years, and 732, which will mandate automatic cost-of-living increases for public school teachers and most support personnel.
   These measures do not reflect an additional burden on tax payers, but rather seek to require the state legislature to directly apply state lottery proceeds to education as originally pledged and to utilize the state budget surplus.
   Smaller class sizes, expanded coverage for supplies and programs, and retention of qualified teachers are among the many benefits. We can't imagine worthier recipients of the benefits than our children.
   Helen Mellor, Cedarcrest High School PTSA president