Northwest NEWS

November 20, 2000


'Cyber-World 3D' blasts audiences into the third dimension

by Deborah Stone
   The computer-animated film "Cyber-World 3D" opened recently at Pacific Science Center's Boeing IMAX Theater.
   This visual fantasy showcases the latest in 3D computer-generated animation technology and features eight acclaimed film shorts starring familiar characters such as the cast from "ANTZ" and Homer Simpson.
   Presented by Intel, this film provides audiences with fantastic images of animated characters brought to life. It is the first time for computer-graphic animation to be presented on the giant IMAX 3D screen and the results are extraordinary.
   "Cyber-World 3D" stars a sassy, synthetic hostess named Phig (voice performance created by Jenna Elfman of ABC's "Dharma & Greg") who takes audiences through a futuristic gallery of wild adventure.
   Three unwelcome Cyber Critters, impulsive and aggressive Buzzed, cool and together Wired and naive and dreamy Frazzled, bring trouble when they inadvertently begin destroying the environment's foundation.
   Phig is forced into battle to save herself and Cyber World from total annihilation. The featured animated segments include the bar scene from "ANTZ"; the "Homer" segment from "The Simpsons"; "Monkey Brain Sushi"; "Flipbook/Waterfall City"; the Pet Shop Boys' "Liberation"; "Tonight's Performance"; "Joe Fly & Sanchez - Mostly Sports" and "KraKKen." Audiences will delight in the visual spectacles and feel that they are able to experience the characters in a real way.
   Images leap off the screen and fly all around, begging to be touched in this astounding and delightfully fun production.
   Producers Steve Hoban and Hugh Murray incorporated IMAX's cutting-edge Stereoscopic Animation Drawing Device (SANDDE) technology with traditional computer-generated animation in creating the characters for "Cyber-World 3D." This is the first feature in IMAX's Family Animation Series, which will also include the upcoming 3D film "Gulliver's Travels."
   For ticket and show time information call (206) 443-2001 or visit the Pacific Science Center Web site at