Northwest NEWS

November 20, 2000


Evergreen needs volunteers for Trauma Intervention Program

Evergreen Healthcare and local fire and emergency service providers from Redmond to Shoreline have partnered to launch a new Trauma Intervention Program (TIP). This new program is currently seeking volunteers to assist with crisis intervention.
   TIP volunteers are trained to provide emotional first aid to family members and those who have been victimized by a crime or other traumatic event, providing basic emotional support, practical assistance, and referral to professionals.
   "The initial hours following a crisis situation are confusing for those involved," said Evergreen local organizer Kay Kukowski. "The TIP volunteer provides essential temporary support until the people involved in the crisis are able to depend on family, friends, and others."
   Authorized firefighters, paramedics, police officers and hospital personnel call TIP volunteers to the scene to assist citizens who are experiencing trauma.
   "This support is very important to the traumatized individuals left behind once the emergency service personnel have left the scene," said Kukowski.
   Training classes begin in February 2001.
   No prior experience is necessary. For more information about TIP or to become a TIP volunteer please call (206) 689-9933.