Northwest NEWS

November 20, 2000


Student Leaders of the Month named

In an effort to recognize and encourage students who display exceptional leadership qualities, students in the Woodinville High School leadership class recognize one male and one female as Student Leaders of the Month.
   For the month of October, Denise Burningham and Kristian Garrard received this award.
   Burningham is a quiet leader who cares about others, always asking people how they feel and seeking ways to help them. She has several official leadership positions: she is a fund-raising chairperson in the health occupations programs, and she is an officer in ASK and in First Priority, two student-led Christian groups. Denise is a leader in her classes and a leader on her sports teams. She respects others, shows humility in her accomplishments and seeks to serve others.
   Garrard is the lead drummer in the ensemble band and jazz band, two challenging positions that require a great deal of leadership.
   He has worked on several projects with Falcons Against Discrimination Everywhere (F.A.D.E.), the campus anti-discrimination club, and is recognized by his peers as someone who is remarkably accepting of others. He is also a hard-worker, showing diligence and perseverance in his music.
   The qualities of a leader as determined by the students in leadership include the following: serving others' needs; taking risks; optimism; hard-worker; passion for a cause or belief; being successful in getting others to act; willing to help others; respectful of and respected by others; ability to unite different groups; humility.
   The students chosen are those who generally do not receive attention for their leadership. Instead, the leadership class wants to commend and publicize those who show quiet leadership in the student body, those who show the qualities of character that help improve the lives of others.