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November 20, 2000

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Multi-Age students plant trees for salmon

* by Valley View staff
   CARNATION - Clad in bright yellow parkas, children from Eagle Rock Multi-Age School (formerly Riverview Multi-Age School) planted trees in the Snoqualmie watershed last week as part of Nestlé National Adopt-A-School Day.
   The cooperative effort by the school, Nestlé and King County was aimed at enhancing salmon habitat and teaching students the importance of protecting healthy habitat for salmon. The day's theme was "Every Salmon Needs a Home."
   Students planted trees near the Snoqualmie River on land Nestlé recently donated to King County. The land was part of the Nestlé Regional Training Center, formerly Carnation Farm. The donation, which took place in May, ensures that the area will remain rural for generations to come and benefit salmon protection efforts.
   During Nestlé National Adopt-A-School Day, employees take time to share in an educational activity with students at 35 adopted schools across the country. The events take place during American Education Week.
   The students' day began with an assembly highlighted by addresses from King County Executive Ron Sims and Carnation Mayor Bob Patterson. A resolution of the City of Carnation proclaimed Nov. 14, 2000, as Nestlé National Adopt-A-School Day. The proclamation emphasized the commitment of the city and school district to building learning communities and that the day's theme "is an environmentally resonant theme within the heart of salmon country."
   Kirk Anderson, Snoqualmie Basin Steward for King County, directed the tree planting process.