Northwest NEWS

November 27, 2000


Article is helping children in Puerto Vallarta

At the time you issued the Woodinville Weekly Oct. 9, 2000, I was driving from the Maximum Security Prison in Monroe, where I just preached to the inmates, across the land heading to Enumclaw, when I stopped by this nice town and saw my own picture in the newspaper. What a surprise.
   I took some issues and left Seattle on the 16th of October.Now I am here in Puerto Vallarta, and witnessed to our people that you all are serious concerning helping the program Feed the Children. Because of your article, many people are calling Lynda. A lot of thanks unto God shall be made by our people the moment they receive what your article is bringing to pass.
   Thank you so much, dear Ms. Wilson.
   Pastor Saul Gonzalez Vargas, Perdon y Amistad Church