Northwest NEWS

November 27, 2000


Everyone knows A is excellent and a D is not

I was very disappointed after reading the Letter to the Editor of 11/20 in which the writer outlines the redefinition of the Terms for Scholastic Achievement by Carnation Elementary.
   As Cinderella's step sisters learned, if your foot is too big, it won't fit in the glass slipper. That's a fact.
   Why is it that today's society wants to make everybody feel good about themselves and everything around them all the time? There are good things in life and there are bad things. If children learn that all is well all the time, what will they do when faced with real problems when they become adults?
   Corporations will not put up with this mediocre standard, why should we allow our children to? What is so bad about one child excelling while another fails? The one that fails could learn from the one that excels and see that it is desirable.
   As far as that numbering system for grading es, what ever happened to good old A, B, C's and D's? Everybody knows that an A is for excellent and a D is not. Why not, as the writer suggested, go back to the old ways? It was good enough for us.
   Patricia J. Griffin, via e-mai