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November 27, 2000


Letters to the Editor

Article is helping children in Puerto Vallarta

Letters to the EditorAt the time you issued the Woodinville Weekly Oct. 9, 2000, I was driving from the Maximum Security Prison in Monroe, where I just preached to the inmates, across the land heading to Enumclaw, when I stopped by this nice town and saw my own picture in the newspaper. What a surprise.

Belated comments on letters about Cascade Land Conservancy's (CLC) land purchases

Letters to the Editor The letter writer correctly pointed out that open space land purchases do reduce our tax base, which results in tax shifts to the remaining tax base.

What is happening here?

Letters to the EditorAre we living under the oppression of Old England once again where the king changed the rules of the game when it suited his agenda to do so?.

Everyone knows A is excellent and a D is not

Letters to the EditorI was very disappointed after reading the Letter to the Editor of 11/20 in which the writer outlines the redefinition of the Terms for Scholastic Achievement by Carnation Elementary.

It's time for a sanity check

Letters to the EditorWhen my eyes fell across the front page article of the November 20th Valley View titled "Carnation Passes Weapons Ordinance," my first thought was of California, and how like it Washington is becoming. I was almost afraid to read it.

Efforts of volunteers have immeasurable effects

Letters to the EditorAs general president of the International Association of Fire Fighters, I know how often fire fighters and emergency medical personnel enter into potentially lethal situations to save the lives of others.

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