Northwest NEWS

November 27, 2000



Nov. 13: Police investigated a scene where four tires and wheels had been removed from a Ferrari. Wheels on a Chevy Tahoe at the same scene also appeared to have been disturbed. The Tahoe's wheels were dusted for prints and two sets were placed into evidence.
   Nov. 17: Police responded to a prescription forgery in progress, but the suspect fled before they arrived. The scenario involves a female "nurse" suspect calling in a prescription using the name of three different doctors for three "patients" using aliases at different times. The pharmacy was aware of the forgeries after previously contacting the physicians and told the female not to call again. When the "nurse" called this time the pharmacist called 911. Police say the "nurse" is very believable, and knows medical terminology and insurance information.
   Nov. 21: Police arrested two suspects after an ID check showed one suspect with a misdemeanor warrant and the other suspect with a felony warrant outstanding.The males were walking in an area that had recently reported a burglary. One suspect had an illegal switchblade and the other suspect had methamphedamine "crank." Subsequent to the arrest, a second burglary was discovered, and videotape at the scene caught one of the suspects on film committing the burglary. The suspects were charged with dangerous weapons possession and a controlled substance violation. Additional robbery charges will be filed.
   Nov. 17: A Trespass Letter was issued to an employee after he accused other employees of making harassing phone calls to his girlfriend. He quit his job after making threats to the other employees. No charges were filed, but the suspect had to sign a Trespass Letter stating he would not come back on to the restaurant property.
   Nov. 16: At a local fast food restaurant two employees were fired after allegedly stealing an applicant's wallet. The applicant had taken out his wallet to get information to fill out the application, forgotten to put it back in his pocket, and after about three minutes returned to get it. Patrons and employees said they hadn't seen it. The victim waited in the parking lot, and when the two employees left work the victim followed them and observed an object thrown out the suspect's car window. The victim stopped and retrieved his wallet. The wallet was missing money, phone cards, and other items. The victim reported the incident to the restaurant manager. Police were called and both suspects were fired and charged with Theft 3.