Northwest NEWS

November 27, 2000


Riverview Athletic Field Bond fails by narrow margin

For the fifth time, Riverview School District's Physical Education and Athletic Field Bond looks like it will fail to meet the threshold of 60 percent super majority needed to pass the bond. As of Wednesday, Nov. 22, the much scaled-down version of the Field Bond narrowly missed the mark of 60 percent by as few as 27 votes.
   "Riverview is extremely disappointed to have the Bond fail by 1/2 of 1 percent," said Michael Green, assistant superintendent.
   "We feel a great vote of confidence from the valley voters that they are supportive of this issue. It was an overwhelmingly positive vote," said Green.
   Precinct tapes showed 64.5 percent of the poll voters voted yes. The City of Carnation voted 61 percent yes, but as feared from past elections, absentee ballots did not run as high in supportive votes. In absentee ballots counted, the first group ran 49 percent yes, the second group ran 48.41 yes, the third group ran 59.82 yes, and the fourth group ran 56.49 yes. Of the 469 remaining ballots that were mailed out, Riverview would have to receive 86.4 yes votes if 100 of those were received, or 73 percent yes votes if 200 ballots were received.
   For more information on elections go to www.metrokc/gov and click on Election Results/Special Propositions.