Northwest NEWS

November 27, 2000


WHS students gather food for Northwest Harvest

by Jenny Keaton and Molly Gilbert, Woodinville High School students (leadership class)
   Many people do not realize what it is like to go hungry for days at a time, but Woodinville High School students, in conjunction with the radio station KISS 106.1, saw the need for help in our community and acted on it.
   Posters were put up all around the WHS campus to advertise a contest where the school that collected the most food would receive a free concert from a KISS band (to be named later).
   Students acted quickly to help those in need, and in the process they learned a thing or two about teamwork.
   To make the competition more interesting, students and department heads challenged each other in a battle for the highest number of cans. This effort from all the students filled box after box and bag after bag.
   On the morning of Nov. 18, Jon Aldanese, Brian Bauer, Kaelie Hansen, Jessinna Harris, Michael Kearney, Katherine Toone, and Andriana Young, all students of Woodinville High School, spent several hours delivering the cans of food that WHS collected to Northwest Harvest.
   We collected 6,471 pounds of food. The week of Nov. 20 through Nov. 23, students were guessing how many pounds of food were delivered to win a class competition.
   All the students were anxious to see if we had beaten Inglemoor High School, the school WHS lost to last year.
   The students wish to thank those in the community who got involved and donated food to the food drive, and to Del's Rentals for donating a large truck to deliver the food.
   But now we have another favor to ask of you. KISS 106.1 has postponed the final delivery date for the food drive to Feb. 10.
   So please collect and hold onto those cans and boxes until the beginning of January. Then a renewed effort to help the hungry will begin.