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November 27, 2000

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Transportation element of Comp Plan amendments completed

Four-lane option on SR-203 eliminated
   by Lisa Allen
   Valley View Editor
   DUVALL - Faced with developing a long-range vision for the future, city planners listened when residents and visitors told them how much they value the uniqueness of Duvall and how important it is to hang onto the qualities that make the town special.
   Now, with the 2000 comprehensive plan amendments soon to be voted on, it seems that residents, business owners and city officials are happy with the results.
   The current satisfaction with the proposal is a considerable improvement over what took place earlier this year, when residents and business owners became alarmed over an "alternative" plan of possibly creating four lanes on Main Street/SR-203 in the future in order to deal with the ever-increasing traffic. Business owners claimed the plan would "cut the town in two."
   About 900 signatures later, that alternative got the ax. Instead, city planners and the citizen task force, with help from consultants, developed a transportation element that includes two lanes of traffic with left turn lanes or medians on Main Street, keeps the city's wide sidewalks, develops parking, promotes a sense of continuity between Old Town and the newly developing areas and creates a truck route alternative, probably on 1st Avenue.
   The purpose of the transportation element of the Comp Plan amendments is to establish a facilities plan that will accommodate the anticipated levels of growth in the area and integrate it into the overall Comp Plan and land use, as required by the state's Growth Management Act (GMA).
   The amendments also include a street tree plan, lights and art that "promote a sense of a main street corridor," constructing safe roadways, coordinating with Metro to inprove transit service and developing trails.
   The city is also, for the first time, incorporating a parks and recreation element into the comprehensive plan.
   And, according to Planning Director Doreen Wise, a newly generated land use map is also incorporated into the plan.
   "We redesigned the new map to make it easier to read," she said. "Nothing is changed on the map other than that."
   Copies of the draft elements of the Comp Plan amendments are available at City Hall and in the Duvall Library.
   The City Council will be voting on the 2000 Comp Plan amendments after a public hearing on the matter Dec. 14.
   "That will be the last opportunity for the public to comment," said Wise, adding that the council is expected to approve the amendments.