Northwest NEWS

December 4, 2000


Real Novelty Hill resident is tired of copycats

Perhaps it all started long ago with fuzzy thinking on the part of some county official who decided to call it "Novelty Hill Road" - even though it should have been something else.
   It wasn't long before "Novelty Hill Stables" hung out their sign right by the road for all to see and be misinformed by. And from this daily reminder, the whole mess mushroomed.
   I know, because I live on the real Novelty Hill, which is located on the eastside of Snoqualmie Valley above old Novelty, which is just a turnaround now (please consult USGS map 1993 or newer, Carnation Quadrangle).
   I've written to authors of trail guides who've been swept up in the name theft. I got help from the talanted Bob Simmons, who wrote a cover article on Novelty Hill for the Eastside Weekly, with a special highlighted area just on the name mixup. But it still goes on.
   Real estate ads peddle the name to sell oversized, consumptive "manors" for big bucks. It's such a cute name.
   Then garage sale ads use it to sell off their overpriced garbage. Now some kind of a pump station(?) by Pease and Son calls itself "Novelty Hill" whatever on the eastern edge of Union Hill or Finken Hill as it once was known. Could you sell a chateau on Finken Hill?
   Even your paper has fallen into their camp in a past story, misnaming the hill. But the last straw is "the future home of Novelty Hill Presbyterian Church."
   We have a history over here on the real Novelty Hill and we're tired of your mindless copycat behavior.
   Denny Redman, Novelty Hill (two miles south of Duvall)