Northwest NEWS

December 4, 2000


New commissioner offers clarification on traffic issue in Duvall

Hi. My name is Karen Swenson and I am a new member on the Duvall Planning Commission.
   I wanted to clarify a sentence in your recent article about the Transportation Element of the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Duvall. The last phrase of the following sentence is incorrect:
   About 900 signatures later, that alternative got the ax. Instead, city planners and the citizen task force, with help from consultants, developed a transportation element that includes two lanes of traffic with left turn lanes or medians on Main Street, keeps the city's wide sidewalks, develops parking, promotes a sense of continuity between Old Town and the newly developing areas and creates a truck route alternative, probably on 1st Avenue.
   The Comprehensive Plan Task Force recommended a "Parallel Alternative" to SR-203, probably on 1st Avenue, which would provide residents another alternative to SR-203 when traveling within the town and business district.
   This parallel alternative is meant for resident traffic, not trucks. A separate part of the Transportation Element discusses a different truck route alternative, even one that wouldn't travel through Duvall at all.
   I just wanted to clarify this issue, as I'm sure this incorrect sentence will make residents nervous that the Plan encourages truck traffic in town, especially on 1st Avenue, which is not the case.
   Karen Swenson, Duvall