Northwest NEWS

December 4, 2000


Christmas Parlour Tour

The spirit of Christmas past can be found at the Snohomish Historical Society's annual Christmas Parlour Tour to be held from noon to 4 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 10, in the Snohomish area.
   Featured will be the Victorian-era Blackman Museum and homes in and near the Historic District.
   Self-guided tour maps are included with tickets.
   Ticket prices are $10 for adults; seniors and children under 15 are $8.
   Tickets may be purchased at the following Snohomish businesses: Blackman Museum, Finch an Willow, Speckled Hen Country Store, Sun Song, Joyworks, Star Cente Mall and Kusler's Pharmacy.
   Day of Tour tickets are available at the Waltz Building, 116 Ave. B. For information, call (360) 568-5235.