Northwest NEWS

December 4, 2000


Police Beat

Nov. 22: A male suspect was passed out in his car in a parking lot.When police rapped on the windows they got no response. Finally, the suspect awoke with a few choice words for the police and a strong odor of marijuana drifting out the window. Glass and metal pipes with burnt green vegetable matter were found after police searched the suspect's car. The suspect will be charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, and when lab results of the green vegetable matter are returned, the suspect could face additional charges.
   Nov. 23: Police recovered a stolen vehicle that was missing engine parts, stereo/speakers and all four wheels/tires. Suspects discharged several fire extinguishers in and out of the vehicle.
   Nov. 23: A female suspect who had been drinking was charged with disorderly conduct and malicious mischief third degree for cursing, pouring pop on a woman's car and not responding to police telling her to get back in her car. It appeared the woman was upset that someone had parked in her parking stall.
   Nov. 23: An owner reported his 1988 tan Toyota Camry was stolen from his parking stall at an apartment complex.
   Nov. 24: A V6 white Dodge Dakota was observed in a store parking lot spinning tires, doing 360s and generally driving out of control. The owner of a large truck observed the male suspect hit his vehicle. He got the vehicle license number and called police. Police traced the license number to a house where the owner was sleeping and informed the female her vehicle was involved in an accident. The owner did not know the vehicle had been taken but could name a suspect. The suspect was identified, arrested and charged with hit and run.
   Nov. 25: A stolen vehicle that had been reported stolen from Everett was recovered in a Woodinville parking lot.
   Nov: 25: Police responded to an altercation between three males outside a Woodinville establishment. Alcohol was involved. No assault charges were filed.