Northwest NEWS

December 4, 2000


'Ceiling painting' with PACE

Mini-Courses are one of the cornerstones of the PACE (Parents Active in Cooperative Education) program. A Mini-Course is a two hour event with a selection of activities all related to a particular topic. Mini-courses are designed and run totally by parents, giving parents a chance to share skills and ideas that would otherwise not be possible during normal weekly classroom assistance. At a recent Wellington PACE Mini-Course, Northshore School District Executive Director of Elementary Education John Bond was in attendance. Mr. Bond had the opportunity to observe the children as they focused on various activities related to the arts. Activities included a cooperative wall mural, modeling with terra cotta clay, a music workshop focused on stringed and percussion instruments, and "ceiling" painting a la Michelanglo. For more information about the PACE program at Wellington Elementary, contact Enrollment Coordinator Elizabeth Marshall at 788-7423.