Northwest NEWS

December 11, 2000


Writer has a hard time rationalizing why Cedarcrest does not have athletic facilities

I believe one outlook that can be interpreted from the vote on the field bond is that the dollar amount, as an excuse for its defeat, is no longer a cause.
   I focus on this point because I think that money would be the only rationale to generate a considerable no vote. If the bond were not considered too expensive, why would anyone really care about voting against these facilities?
   However, based on 3,024 No votes, and 337 others for some reason didn't even bother to vote on this issue, there is some very fundamental underlying negative issue with providing athletic facilities at CHS.
   Granted, it came very close this time, with very good turnout, but nevertheless that negative issue for the umpteenth time, prevailed. I wish I knew why so many people are against this issue, because I truly have a very hard time rationalizing why this high school and these kids do not have athletic facilities.
   One only has to look around at all the schools in our district, and you can see just how deeply athletics are a woven part of the high school experience.
   I find the situation very sad quite frankly, and I have apologized to my daughter, who is now a junior, for being so naive as to assume this would be worked out by the time she reached high school.
   My advice to anyone who has kids in middle school or younger, and they have any athletic desires, would be to move to some other district, because a change in the situation here is very unlikely, in my opinion, for some time to come. It's too late now for me to follow my own advice, and that will grate on me for a very long time.
   Greg Jackson, Duvall.