Northwest NEWS

December 11, 2000


Police Beat

Nov. 30: Vandalism suspects broke out windows of two parked vehicles with baseball bats and stole the stereo from one of the cars. Parking lot video surveillance cameras captured the suspects and their white car on tape, and the tape was entered in as evidence.
   Dec. 1: Ilegal property was confiscated from a local store after police learned an assailant involved in a fight used a lighter/switchblade knife purchased at said store. The assailant was charged with fourth degree assault.
   Dec. 1: Police observed two female suspects drinking in a parking lot. After checking IDs, one eighteen- and one nineteen-year-old were arrested for liquor violations.
   Dec. 4: An unknown suspect threw several flats of eggs at a residence.The home owner stated that this had happened several times in the last few months.
   Dec. 4: Suspects broke into a tow yard and vandalized a vehicle.Computer equipment on the back seat of the vehicle was reported stolen.
   Dec. 5: A female suspect was charged with fourth degree assault after throwing water, hot coffee,and a coffee mug at a male and shouting profanities at him in a local restaurant. The suspect had been drinking and blamed the victim for a recent break-up of a relationship.