Northwest NEWS

December 11, 2000


Holiday Safety Tips

from Eastside Fire and Rescue
   Care With Candles
   Always put candles in candlesticks before you light them. Do not use them in decorations or displays. Keep candles away from curtains, paper and other combustible materials. Never put them in windows or near exits.
   Remember to keep children away from burning candles. And never leave candles burning when you leave the room.
   Choose a Fresh Tree
   Look for one without shedding needles. Trim its trunk at an angle before you put it in a non-tip stand. Make sure it is watered constantly and placed away from all exits and sources of heat. All man-made trees should have fire-retardant labels.
   Check Out Lights
   Make sure all decorating holiday lights are labeled by a testing laboratory. Replace any worn sets, those with loose connections or frayed wires. Outside, use labeled outdoor lighting units. Inside, do not overload outlets.
   Never put lights on a metal tree. Never run extension cords under rugs or near heating units.
   And always unplug everything before you leave your home or go to bed.
   Party Safely
   New Years, Hanukkah, Christmas, anniversaries and birthdays - make sure every festive occasion is a safe celebration.
   Costumes and decorations must be flame-retardant or non-combustible. And smokers must be given large, deep ashtrays and watched at all times. Check for cigarette butts in upholstery and trash cans. Always cool ashes before disposing. And keep matches and lighters away from children. Please don't drink and drive.