Northwest NEWS

December 18, 2000


Put on a sweater and save up for a Presto Log

In the true spirt of Gov. Gary Locke's "learn to get by with less" vision of the future, the people of Western Washington have been asked to curtail electric and gas consumption during the forecasted cold snap. Wasn't it Gov. Locke who shot down a clean co-generation power station in Sumas and has tacitly endorsed the removal of hydroelectric dams? Does anyone know where the energy we rely on comes from? Out of the wall receptical? Silly.
   Perhaps the meteorologists will prove as inept as the Hazel O' Leary and Bill "I can't find my hard drives" Richardson's Department of Energy's management of national energy policy. While they were busy giving away the store, they have, through "feel good" legislation and neglect, allowed the nation to fall into an energy shortfall that will drag down our economy and standard of living for years to come. You do not build a 500 MW electric power plant overnight. There is a 3-5 year backlog on purchasing the required equipment.
   The agenda to level the playing field and reduce the workingAmerican's standard of living to that in third world country is well under way.At the rate we are going, next Christmas Bob Cratchet will need to stop off at the convenience store for a tank of propane to treat the family to a little heat and light for the holidays.
   Put on a sweater and save up for a Presto Log. We are all in this together. Oh Boy!
   James P. Kiely, P. E., Federal Way