Northwest NEWS

December 18, 2000


Kindness and generosity from students and staff at Wilder Elementary touched family in need

The afternoon of Nov. 1 began as a typical afternoon. I arrived home for lunch along with my two young sons.
   My youngest son and I went to set the table while my other son remained downstairs in the recreation room to play on the computer until lunch was served. Within minutes of our arrival, our house was engulfed in thick black smoke.
   Fortunately, we were able to safely exit. Through the heroic and timely efforts of the firefighters, the basic structure of our house was saved, though most the contents were damaged or destroyed. This is where the true blessing of this story begins.
   One evening several weeks later, my husband arrived home with four large boxes filled with individually wrapped and personally labeled articles of clothing, toys, books, gift cards, monetary gifts and handmade cards with words of encouragement which were each simply signed, "From a student in Ms. Mason's sixth grade class."
   My husband explained these were gifts from the staff and some of the students at Wilder Elementary School, a school on his delivery route where he works.
   Words cannot begin to express how much our lives have been touched by the kindness and generosity of the staff at Wilder Elementary, Ms. Mason, Ms. Mason's sixth grade class and all the families that supported this effort. We are blessed each time we read the inspiring cards and special notes.
   Vernell E. Watkins, Seattle