Northwest NEWS

December 18, 2000


Police Beat

Dec. 11: A driver who struck another car from behind seemed hesitant and deceitful in exchanging information. When police arrived at the scene, the suspect driver pulled away and police followed with lights on signaling the suspect to pull over. When the suspect finally pulled over, police smelled a strong smell of intoxicants. A police check found the suspect was driving with a revoked license, and the license plates had been switched and were expired. The suspect resisted arrest, and police found drugs and drug paraphernalia. The driver was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, driving with a revoked license, and DUI.
   Dec. 11: Police believe three male suspects involved in car vandalism at area apartmentsmay also have been involved in a robbery. A female called police after three males kicked and hit her car as she was attempting to drive away from her parking stall. The three were apparently angered by the fact the victim locked her doors and was trying to drive around where they were standing. Paint chipped off the driver's door was the only damage reported.
   Dec. 11: Woodinville apartment renters opened their doors to three suspects who acted as if they knew the occupants. Once inside the apartment, one suspect asked to use the restroom, and when the victims asked who they were, one suspect drew a small handgun, and proceeded to rob the victims of several cell phones and a CD player. When two of the female victims were crying, they were allegedly threatened with their lives. The three suspects said "Merry Christmas" as they wiped the doorknob of prints and left the scene. Police lifted prints from other areas of the apartment.
   Dec. 12: The proverbial love triangle sparked a confrontation in a fast food parking lot. Seems a new boyfriend punched an old boyfriend in the face and ear, and proceeded to slap the victim's friend, too. Charges of 4th degree assault will be charged.