Northwest NEWS

December 18, 2000


Newborns make great stocking stuffers at Evergreen Hospital

* by Deborah Stone
   Features Writer
   The Family Maternity Center at Evergreen will deliver the ultimate stocking stuffer to families bringing their babies home Christmas Day.
   All babies that are discharged will be presented to their parents in hand-made bright red stockings.
   According to Debbie Brown, Evergreen's Family Maternity Center Supervisor, the stockings have been a tradition at the Center for the past 10 years.
   She says, "The parents just love it and it's fun for the staff, too."
   This year Brown decided to hand-make all the stockings herself because she couldn't resist putting her sewing skills to use.
   "I also have a hard time finding pre-made stockings that fit the babies and thought that it couldn't be too hard to make them," explains Brown. She made twenty and has enlisted some volunteers at the hospital to make several more. The stockings are made of red felt with fake white fur and can fit an eight-pound baby plus blankets comfortably.
   On the front, each stocking reads, "Look What Santa Delivered." "It's the ultimate gift," says Brown, "People think they're so cute and they're thrilled when they receive them."
   The average number of babies that are discharged on Christmas Day is between 10 to 15, as the month of December is typically a low birth month.
   "We're also planning on giving the stockings to those who are born on Christmas Day, even if they're not discharged that day," says Brown. "Christmas can be such a hectic day for people and when you're pregnant and delivering then, it can be really crazy for everyone involved. This is just something extra we want to do to make the event even more special." Brown has been supervisor of her department for three years, but has worked as a labor nurse for the past twenty years at Evergreen. She enjoys her job because she likes the family environment at Evergreen and the sense of teamwork involved in helping to deliver a baby. "It's a great place to work because it's such a family environment and it's all about nurturing families," comments Brown.