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December 18, 2000

Home & Garden

At holiday parties be a friend to guests

AAA offers the following tips on being a friend first, then a good part host during the holidays and all year long:
   * Serve a variety of fun, non-alcoholic beverages;
   * Serve protein-rich and starchy foods throughout the evening to help retard alcohol consumption;
   * Slow down the drinking rate of your guests with lively talk and party games;
   * Put away the alcohol when it gets late and bring out the coffee and desserts;
   * Encourage carpooling;
   * Give a small gift to all the designated drivers;
   * Take keys, call a cab, or insist that a guest who has had too much to drink sleep overnight at your home.
   AAA has the following brochures available to writers/journalists as a resource:
   * Alcohol, Vision & Driving - how alcohol impairs a drivers vision.
   * One Drink Can Be Too Many - how alcohol affects the body.
   * Plus, AAA has many fun, non-alcoholic drink recipes available.
   These materials are available by fax or mail. Please contact Jennifer Harbison at 425-646-2055 to receive a copy of any of our resource materials.