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December 18, 2000

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Joint-use parking facility in Duvall completed

by Lisa Allen
   Valley View Editor
   DUVALL - The city's new joint-use parking lot is now available for use, according to Duvall City Engineer Elizabeth Goode.
   "The finishing touches are just being completed now," she said. "We only need to check the irrigation system for the landscaping and add two disability parking spots on the lower level. Some people have already been using it."
   Contractors began grading the lot last summer for the $225,000 facility, which has been in the planning for some time. The parking lot is located just north of the Woodinville-Duvall Bridge.
   When the facility was first proposed several years ago, Metro was against allowing anyone to use it who wasn't a bus rider. But the Chamber of Commerce claimed that shoppers and trail users needed parking, as well. After extended negotiations, Metro, the Chamber and the city finally agreed that the lot would be available not only for bus riders, but also for shoppers and trail and McCormick Park users.
   "That's why we are calling it a 'joint-use' facility, rather than a Metro Park and Ride," Goode said. "The city bought the property and Metro paid for the design and construction. The city will also pay for maintenance and the county will pay the city to do a certain level of security."
   Currently, bus riders will have to cross the highway to get to the bus stops, which will remain where they are now until the county develops a "turn-around" north of the lot, which will then enable the buses to stop in front of the parking lot.
   The lot is on two levels, with most of the parking on the lower level. Goode said that two ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) parking spaces are on the upper level and there will be two more on the lower level near the trail.
   According to the agreement, King County (Metro) will have the rights to have the facility available for bus riders for the next 25 years.
   "It's really positive for the town," said Goode. "Up until now, the city has had no formalized public parking."