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December 18, 2000

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Duvall Safeway to open Jan. 17

* By Lisa Allen
   Valley View Editor
   DUVALL - It's new, it's artsy and it's needed. It's also late. The grand opening celebration for the new Safeway store is set for Jan. 17, over a month later than originally planned.
   In November, Safeway store manager Joel Calvert announced that the company hoped the business would be open by Dec. 13. But on that date workers were still painting and just beginning to set up shelves and checkout counters. The exterior of the store was also unfinished.
   Calvert said last week that because of a lawsuit that required extra traffic studies, the timing of the project was sent off-kilter.
   "It interrupted the flow of things that got delivered at planned times, but there was no place to put them," said Calvert. "We ended up putting some items, such as the bakery ovens, in storage. If the project hadn't been stopped, we would have opened on time."
   But Calvert is clearly pleased with how the new 41,000-foot store is coming together.
   The Woodinville resident, who formerly managed the University Village Safeway, seemed very enthused last week about watching a store being built from the ground up, admiring everything from the floor tiles to color schemes. Some artwork was also added late last week, which includes an image of a dairy cow, a nice local touch.
   "The floor tiles look nice and the wood flooring in parts of the store has a rich look to it," he said. "There will be lots of products and specialty areas, such as a storage unit set at a temperature just for seafood."
   The store is exceptionally energy-efficient, he said.
   "Monitors are set, so if temperatures are not right, alarms go off."
   Calvert said the store will have a deli, floral and video departments and a Western Union office. Store hours will be 5 a.m. to 1 a.m.
   "And we have a great, great crew already, with about 98 percent of them residing in the Valley," he said.