Northwest NEWS

December 25, 2000


Presidential election has proven the faults in our voting system

What a crock. During the recent protraction of the process to elect a President, I was forced to the TV and radio (and newspapers) to stay in touch with the unfolding daily events in the political and justice systems in place to deal with such things.
   I was appalled with the focus and bent of the media establishment in their efforts (probably successful) to create news rather than simply report it and subtly persuade their audience in the direction of their errant agenda.
   First, the networks incorrectly call the state of Florida prior to the closing of the polls in the west. Do you think western voters might have been at all influenced by this?
   Once the battle was underway we were constantly alerted to the great dangers of the "division" in our country that we were sure to suffer. When have we ever been anything but divided? This is not news and certainly no danger.
   That's what our democracy, or more accurately, our republic is all about; the successful resolution of our differences and learning to live and prosper in spite of them. The media has no business fanning the flames of a non-event.
   What we really have just experienced is an exposure of fault in our voting systems, not the beginning of a diverse period in our nation's history.
   No one I am talking to in real life reflects any of these media fabrications and I believe thinking people should be offended by this powerful institution's attempts to create a false national consciousness which I believe represents a far greater danger than those they would invent.
   Peter Storaasli, Woodinville