Northwest NEWS

December 25, 2000


Next year voters should make high school students happy

I'm a junior at Cedarcrest High School, who is active in football and other sports. And all I have to say is what is wrong with the people of Carnation and Duvall.
   There is no reason people shouldn't have voted yes for the fields.
   I mean why wouldn't the citizens of the Valley want their kids to play sports on good safe fields, rather then the old bumpy hill that we play on now.
   Also, it would not just be used for after school sports, it would be used during school hours as well. For P.E. classes and other courses. So, please, next year think of the youth of the Valley.
   Because it's already too late for us juniors and seniors. But you can really make an enormous amount of high school students happy by voting yes for Riverview fields next year.
   Trevor Speir, Cedarcrest High School