Northwest NEWS

December 25, 2000


Player knows what it feels like to have no support at home games

I am a Cedarcrest High School soccer player and I just found out that the petition for the new fields did not go through again. I am a junior and I have had to play on the fields at Tolt for the past three years.
   Actually, I take that back as most of our home games have been at Redmond High School because our old grass field is unplayable from the football season in the spring.
   I think, even though I will never get a chance to play on it, that the new fields should still be built because I know how it feels to have no support from your school at your home games because it takes a half an hour to get to your new "home field."
   Also I don't see why all of the rich people who live in Taylors Ridge or Cameron Park in the 200,000 or 300,000 dollar homes could not spare 20 measly dollars a year so that the sport players at Cedarcrest could have a nice home field.
   I mean if you can afford to live in a 300,000 dollar home then I would think that you could spare 20 dollars a year.
   Anyway, I was hoping that you could print this in your newspaper so that all of the cheap people can see what they're doing to the poor sports players at Cedarcrest.
   Chris Voiss, Cedarcrest High School