Northwest NEWS

December 25, 2000


Letters to the Editor

Merge does not mean crowd

*I imagine that we are not the only ones irritated by those who regard merge signs and lane end signs as invitations to speed up, crowd in and force someone else to yield.

Don't Let Your Resolutions Go Up in Smoke

*A new year brings a chance for new beginnings, and many of us target Jan. 1 as a day for making personal resolutions to shed bad habits and better our lives.

Presidential election has proven the faults in our voting system

*What a crock. During the recent protraction of the process to elect a President, I was forced to the TV and radio (and newspapers) to stay in touch with the unfolding daily events in the political and justice systems in place to deal with such things.

Next year voters should make high school students happy

*I'm a junior at Cedarcrest High School, who is active in football and other sports. And all I have to say is what is wrong with the people of Carnation and Duvall.

Player knows what it feels like to have no support at home games

*I am a Cedarcrest High School soccer player and I just found out that the petition for the new fields did not go through again. I am a junior and I have had to play on the fields at Tolt for the past three years.



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