Northwest NEWS

December 25, 2000


Grinch tries to steal Christmas

When a tree catches fire, it is similar to a bomb exploding due to the high turpentine content in the needles and branches. When a Christmas tree catches on fire inside a home, seconds are precious to everyone inside that building in order to escape alive. When a Christmas tree caught fire inside a condominium at the Park Place Condominiums on 75th St SE in Everett Monday evening, lives were definitely in jeopardy. A father quickly scooped up his terrified children on his way out the door, all the while yelling to alert the residents of neighboring units so that they too had time to flee the erupting wall of flames behind him.
   Many people came to aid the residents who escaped with little more than the clothes they were wearing. Firefighters, Police Officers, neighbors, and of course your Snohomish County American Red Cross.
   Firefighters protected other units from the fire and doused the flames. Police Officers provided scene security, directed traffic, and assisted fire victims and emergency responders with directions and information.
   Neighbors opened their doors and heart to fire victims offering moral support and whatever else they could spare from their own belongings. The Red Cross assisted the displaced residents by providing those in need of a warm and safe place to stay until other arrangements could be made via insurance companies, etc. Other items made available to the fire victims are food, clothing, and prescription medications, and a variety of household items. Mental health professionals are ready to be utilized as victims and emergency responders alike begin to mentally process the traumatic events that stunned the community. The Red Cross was also on hand to provide canteening services (items like food, beverages, blankets, etc.) for the fire victims and emergency responders.
   Fortunately, none of the people living in the building were injured in the fire that damaged or destroyed eight units at the Park Place Condominiums.