Northwest NEWS

December 25, 2000


Police Beat

Dec. 13: Suspects broke out a window, made entry and hauled out a big screen TV and clerical box from a Woodinville business.
   Dec. 14: Suspects in another commercial burglary cut a barbed wire fence, entered, vandalized several vehicles, and stole a car stereo out of one of the cars.
   Dec. 16: A 20-year-old male was charged with obstructing an officer and resisting arrest. After the car the suspect was driving was pulled over, he took off on foot across Highway 202. He was found to have an outstanding warrant for residential burglary. The officer was unable to give chase as hisown car was running and other persons were in the suspect's car.
   Dec. 17: An employee came to work to find CDs lying on the ground next to a vehicle and found suspects had broken out a car window in order to steal a stereo. Suspects entered the property by pushing away the chainlink fencing from a gate.
   Dec. 17: A 20-year-old female was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana after lab results in the case came back positive for the substance. Results were forwarded to the King County Prosecutor's office.
   Dec. 18: Suspects stole a company van from a Woodinville business' parking lot.
   Dec.18: Using a tool to pry open a garage window and gain access, suspects stole a boom-box radio and four animal hair dryers from a local business.