Northwest NEWS

December 25, 2000

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Community Journals

by students in Ms. Carlson's third-grade class
   Litter stinks
   by Colby
   Today I helped my community by picking up trash at the big field. I feel very sad because people just throw their trash on the ground and do not put it in the garbage where it belongs. Animals can choke on litter. Fish can die from litter in their waters. By picking up litter I made a difference in my community by making it a cleaner place. Maybe if I show other people that cleaning counts, they might join in too. Then the whole community will be happier. And that is why I say, keep the community clean!
   Ways to help the community
   by Emily
   Our Brownie troop donated money to QFC for a needy family in Carnation, so they can have a Thanksgiving dinner. Each girl gave four dollars to make $40. And then a worker from QFC drove down to give the meal to them on Thanksgiving day. We made a difference in our community ... helping a needy family enjoy Thanksgiving.
   Alien visitor
   by Amanda
   Hi my name is Amanda. You have just landed in Woodinville, WA. This is a really neat place to live. We also have lots of really cool schools. Our community is very friendly. Woodinville has a wide variety of stores. The one thing I really like about Woodinville it is a rural area. There are lots of trees and many places to go hiking and biking. We have lots of parks. One even has an outdoor swimming pool. It is called Cottage Lake Park.
   Every year around April 1st, we have an April Fool's Day parade. It is a big community event. People come from all over to see the parade. A big part of the parade is the basset bash. People enter their basset hound dogs in lots of contests and they also dress them up in costumes.
   Bus drivers are important
   by Ryan
   I think a bus driver is important to a lot of people because of the following reasons: 1. Some people are not able to have a car. 2. Senior citizens who are not capable of driving anymore. 3. Handicapped people especially rely on the transit system. 4. Bus drivers are important to the kids for coming to school. 5. People also need the bus for trips across the country and airport shuttle service. The bus driver helps a lot of people. Everyday all day.
   Some day I will be a veterinarian
   by Hannah
   I would like to be a veterinarian because I love animals. The only animal I would not allow in my office would be a snake. Snakes give me the creeps. I especially like cats. They are my favorite animals. I have a cat. His name is Whiskers. It is important to have veterinarians in the community to keep animals healthy. People take their pets to nursing homes to make older people happy. Veterinarians also help people by giving shots to guide dogs so they are not sick and can help their owners cross streets. Veterinarians can board animals when people go on vacation. I don't like giving shots, but I would give one to a sick animal. I would love to be around animals all the time and study them.
   Veterinarians can work at many places. Some veterinarians visit farms to help animals have babies. You could go to a farm also to give animals shots like sheep, pigs, horses, and cows. When I am a teenager, I will volunteer in a veterinarian's office or an animal shelter. Other places that need veterinarians are zoos, Sea World, petting zoos, and Disney's Animal Kingdom.
   At these places a veterinarian would take care of whales, monkeys, dolphins, goats, and camels. I plan to go to college. Some day I will be a veterinarian.