Northwest NEWS

January 1,2001


Police Beat

Dec. 19: Using an unknown object, suspects vandalized a Woodinville business by striking the front door glass four times. Unable to make entry, the suspects left.
   Dec. 21: An intoxicated male was arrested in an area-drinking establishment for refusing to return money that several witnesses observed him steal from the top of the bar. After repeated requests to return the money, the victim called police when the suspect refused. Police gave the man one more chance to return the money and again he refused, so the victim said to check his upper breast pocket, and the officer proceeded to retrieve the exact amount of money in question. The suspect was arrested.
   Dec. 21: A white jeep that had been reported stolen from Seattle was found in a Woodinville private parking area where it had been for approximately one week.
   Dec. 21: Stopped for speeding, a suspect was found to be driving with an expired license and had an outstanding warrant for a DUI. Found in the suspect's vehicle was a mint tin containing vegetable matter that tested positive for marijuana. The suspect was booked into King County Jail.
   Dec. 24: Possibly using a shaved key, car thieves stole a vehicle containing a dog and Christmas gifts from a parking lot . The vehicle was found just down the road and the dog was fine, but the thieves made off with the owners newly purchased Christmas presents for family members.
   Dec. 26: Suspects gained entry from a passenger door to steal a stereo out of a vehicle.