Northwest NEWS

January 1,2001


Give to others - donate Y2K food

Many people became better prepared for emergencies and disasters last year as they got ready for potential Y2K problems.
   The transition to the year 2000 went extremely smoothly. What happens now to all the food, water and other supplies that families stockpiled?
   The next earthquake or other disaster in the Puget Sound Region can't be predicted, so having a minimum of three days' food and water on hand is something every individual and family should have.
   "People who took the time to get ready for Y2K by storing food and water should now be rotating their supplies. One way to use these food items you have stored is to donate the food to local food banks. This is a great time of year to help others in need and maintain your level of disaster preparedness," said Eric Holdeman, Manager for the King County Office of Emergency Management.
   Y2K brought the public and private sectors to a new level of disaster preparedness. Maintaining an emergency kit with food and water is one of the best ways we can continue to be ready as individuals and as a community.