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January 1,2001

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City of Bothell adopts changes to design and construction standards

BOTHELL - After nearly two years in the making, the City Council recently adopted changes to The City of Bothell Design and Construction Standards and Specifications.
   These are guidelines for all commercial and residential development including franchise work by utility providers within the City. The biggest change includes the adoption of the 1998 King County Surface Water Design Manual for stormwater design, which calls for larger retention and detention facilities. These changes replace the initial standards set in 1996.
   "City staff did a great job on creating these changes," said community development eirector Bill Wiselogle. "Because technology is constantly changing, standards need to be updated on a regular basis. This update makes the document easier to use and bringw our standards into compliance with state mandates."
   Standards and specifications provide information on streets, water, sewer, storm drainage and grading work. Any construction work that is done in the City right-of-way or development of property must be constructed based on the specifications and details in this document.
   The 2000 City of Bothell Design and Construction Standards and Specifications went into effect last month.
   To obtain a copy, call (425) 486-8152.