Northwest NEWS

January 1,2001

Front Page

Indie TV Productions offers innovative concepts

by Becky Nixon
   Staff Reporter
   With the fast-paced world of technology leading consumers deep into the Internet for news, shopping and entertainment, several Woodinville and Duvall residents have started a company that uses "Web streaming" (a more efficient delivery of audio and visual information over the Internet) designed to benefit the business market. The company offers products ranging from marketing and TV series to new concepts in customer interactive use.
   Indie TV Productions is a fledgling company that partners with Sony Technology, Microsoft and Square CD to create a host of new products and services geared to take users into the 21st century. Woodinville residents John Woods and Judy Bishop and Duvall resident Barbara Leischner have worked together to create new ideas that link businesses and technology.
   "It's like the wild, wild west out there," said Leischner. "Everyone has a voice. Everyone has value. It's an open thinking opportunity for business."
   Walking on a conceptual journey with these business entrepreneurs lends insight into where technology can take businesses. Indie TV prides itself on providing its customers with cost-savings, cross-selling and creative methods of marketing for business development.
   The Square CDs, one aspect of the company, can be used by any industry to hold a host of specialized information such as business cards, invitations, catalog information, tickets, in-store promotions and direct links to Web sites. The CDs can be made in specialized shapes, can hold 50 MBs of information, and can include 3-5 minutes of video, two customized title pages, up to 40 3-page web sites, 60 - 2"x 2" photos, 100 links to Web sites or 100 listings of contact information.
   A business could decide to have an in-store promotion for its best customers or vendors and use their company logo for the CD shape, and send the disks out with the information they choose, and then have it connect to the company's web site.
   With a Square CD, a couple can invite people to their wedding with a CD invitation, include a picture of themselves and a map to the reception and have the CD shaped as a wedding cake.
   For a test case, Indie TV produced 187,000 of the specialized CDs and released them in Snowboard Magazine. Within three weeks, the magazine received over 850,000 Web-site visits.
   Indie TV guides clientele step by step through conceptual design, art and video production and CD programming. Customers for the Square CD include Microsoft, Disney and Paramount Studios. The Paramount CD was a special promotional trailer for Mission Impossible II. Cost of the CDs depends on programming, volume and art development.
   The CD is just one aspect of this multi-faceted company. Using high definition digital TV, Indie TV produces television series that include audience participation.
   "The TV shows are comparable in quality to the network-produced shows, but Indie TV will deliver them for about half the cost," said Bishop.
   Woods, company president, writes many of the shows.
   "Most television series made don't make money for advertising companies for the first year due to the high cost of filming and production," said Bishop. "Indie TV can shoot a series, such as '555 Expose' or 'The Seekers' (two which they have already made), for nominal cost, high technological quality, and it can be linked to a Web site for active audience participation."
   An example of how this works for the benefit of business is that the audience has the ability to interact with each series through their television or Internet, and then they can go directly to a Web site for instant advertising interaction.
   The desire of Indie TV is to have running series on the Internet that last 3-5 minutes in the beginning, and converge into 30-minute shows that link to Web sites. The premise behind Indie TV's concepts and philosophies is to get businesses to use the Internet for production, cross-selling products and product enhancement.
   Interesting data used by Indie TV to create products and services for businesses wanting to use technology include the following: 69 percent of Internet users like to order online, 64 percent of users are interested in using live programming, 75 percent of end-users seek entertainment and by 2004 the "streaming media" is expected to be worth $9.2 billion. For more information on Indie TV, visit them at, or call (310) 837-7686.