Northwest NEWS

January 8,2001


Lions meet the real Grinch

You've probably heard some "bah-humbug" stories in these past few weeks; well, here's another one.
   Like many service organizations providing community services, local members of our Lions Club International Organization also share in this responsibility. For over 25 years, Lions and Nordstrom have worked together to make the holidays brighter for our senior citizens in nursing and retirement homes. Nordstrom gives us their poinsettias one or two days before Christmas and we distribute them. It is a very enjoyable and rewarding service and an activity that we look forward to.
   This year, however, as we were loading our trucks, vans and cars with beautiful plants from the Bel-Square Nordstrom, a security officer (dare I say Grinch) pulled up in a security van, bounded out and proceeded to write tickets for illegal parking. This officer didn't look at anybody and didn't speak. He just kept writing tickets (sort of like the poem - ". . . said not a word and went straight to his work. . .")
   Yes, we were in a fire lane (We are given permission to park there each year to load.); however, all our vehicles were idling while we were loading the plants. If an emergency had arisen, we could have had them all moved in 3-4 seconds. We were loaded and out of there within 15-20 minutes, except me. I stayed behind in the load/unload area to wait for a latecomer.
   Karla, the assistant manager of Bel-Square Nordstrom, happened to come out, talked with me, took my ticket and said they would call the security office and take care of them. She was appalled and very apologetic, although, it wasn't her fault at all. Thank you, Karla, for your concern and assistance.
   In the history of the Lions/Nordstrom distribution, this has never happened before. Our Past District Governor, John MacMahon, who initiated this project, was there and just amazed that this would happen.
   Perhaps this security officer should join a service organization to learn more about giving and helping those who need it.
   Gael E. Bohannon, Kirkland