Northwest NEWS

January 8,2001


Logic class would be a good use of student's time

I read with interest the letter concerning the lack of new fields at Cedarcrest High School. I am troubled by the writer's placing blame on the "rich people who live in Taylor's Ridge and Cameron Park."
   The various (and continuous) levy proposals placed before the voters are presented to the entire Riverview School District. They are voted on by all of the eligible voters who choose to vote. They are also voted down by a majority of all of those voters, not just the ones who happen to live in a particular area. None of us actually knows who voted against and who voted for the levy. (Actually, that is not totally true. I do know for a fact that both my wife and I, residents of the above-mentioned areas, did vote for the levy.)
   If you were to take the trouble to examine the two neighborhoods you called "cheap," you would find that many of the homes are occupied by school-age children. These children can be presumed to attend school somewhere, most probably in the Riverview School District. It would appear to be in the best interests of these homeowners to provide the best education possible for their children. Given that, logic would lead one to the conclusion that many, if not most, of the people in these neighborhoods would support a levy which would lead to that conclusion.
   Rather than pitying the "poor sports players at Cedarcrest," I would suggest that a better use of the writer's time might be in a logic class as opposed to endangering himself on the substandard fields he complained about.
   William J. High, Duvall