Northwest NEWS

January 8,2001


Teacher has added relevancy to kids' lives

Thanks to Jeanine Carlson, third grade teacher at East Ridge Elementary, for your outstanding contribution to our community, our kids, and to education at large. I am so very impressed with your language arts unit on communities.You have, through your willingness to create new ways to teach kids, added that very unique quality to the kids' lives - relevancy. It is clear from the topics upon which your students wrote that your third-graders gained a special connection with their/our community - a special sense of belonging.
   Such a gift will reap long-term rewards in their lives and in our community as these young citizens grow and become mature, voting citizens with a sense of belonging.
   I want to thank you, too, for finding a way to help your students see the importance of communication in their everyday lives, from articles in the Woodinville Weekly, to dioramas seen by the communtiy at large, to speeches made at City Hall. Participation such as theirs at such a young age will help them to know of the power that they possess to make their world a better place.
   Thirdly, I want to thank you in helping your kids learn those fundamental competencies which they will need to live competent, productive lives, as tested by the new WASL statewide test.Your kids have certainly been helped to achieve their best.
   And lastly, I want to thank you for the hours of work outside of your classroom it took for you to create such a unit.You, as many teachers, exemplify a commitment to teaching despite the incredibly low wages offered by our state. Thank you for your creativity, for your working above-and-beyond what could be reasonably expected and for your dedication to teaching the youth of our community. They, and we, are your benefactors.
   Len Hoover, Bothell