Northwest NEWS

January 8,2001


Lockers could cure back aches

A solution for hundreds of teens in Duvall and Carnation who suffer back pain would be to get lockers in the Riverview School District. Ever since 7th grade all the way to 8th grade, I have wondered why our schools do not have lockers.
   So I asked my teachers and they all gave me the same answer, "They're too noisy." I think the real reason is money and they would rather buy other stuff. I do not know the exact reason, but I wish I knew. It would prevent a lot of kids from growing up with spine, neck and back problems. My friend called me a couple of weeks ago saying that her bag weighed 50 pounds. Therefore, in curiosity, I weighed my bag and it weighed 20 pounds.
   You may think that that is not a lot to carry, but I am small for my age. Carrying bags this heavy can be dangerous for our backs. It would also help us so we would not have to bring home as much stuff. We are required to carry a binder, notebooks for our reading entries, a book, as well as books if we were absent.
   I have talked to a lot of kids who would love it if we had lockers.
   I say that we do not have lockers because people can hide drugs and weapons. Well, what about the people who have big backpacks? They could hide drugs and a small weapon and no one would know. That is why metal detectors were made. If a teacher thinks that someone is carrying something that they are not supposed to, they could search that person's bag.
   I don't mean to sound like a whiner, but I hate having to lug my backpack home when I have to stay after school and my mom can't pick me up because she's at work. Somehow there has to be a mediator who could help us get past the "they are too noisy" and get teachers to realize they will actually help us out a lot. Until this issue is solved, kids are going to be carrying around heavy bags in my case the next three years.
   Ariel Parkins, student at Cedarcrest High School