Northwest NEWS

January 8,2001


Letters to the Editor

Lions meet the real Grinch

*You've probably heard some "bah-humbug" stories in these past few weeks; well, here's another one.

Initiative 728 opens exciting possibilities for education

*My sincere thanks to all who sent cards, flowers, letters and provided transportation during the recent loss of my mother, Mary Hanson.

Card of thanks

*What a crock. During the recent protraction of the process to elect a President, I was forced to the TV and radio (and newspapers) to stay in touch with the unfolding daily events in the political and justice systems in place to deal with such things.

Logic class would be a good use of student's time

*I read with interest the letter concerning the lack of new fields at Cedarcrest High School.

Teacher has added relevancy to kids' lives

*Thanks to Jeanine Carlson, third grade teacher at East Ridge Elementary, for your outstanding contribution to our community, our kids, and to education at large.

We have to learn how to say no

*Even as the King County Council was voting to put another $500,000 into the 2001 budget toward buying Bothell's Magnolia Dairy Farm - on top of already having purchased the development rights to same back in the 80s, the Whidbey newspaper was headlining Greenbank Farm Seeks Financial Help.

Lockers could cure back aches

*A solution for hundreds of teens in Duvall and Carnation who suffer back pain would be to get lockers in the Riverview School District. Ever since 7th grade all the way to 8th grade, I have wondered why our schools do not have lockers.

County needs an off-road vehicle park

*In King County there is not one off-road vehicle park. I think the county should put an O.R.V. park toward Stossel Creek Road.

Skatepark would help teens stay out of trouble

*I think the city of Carnation needs a skatepark. Skate boarding is a good outdoor experience and helps develop coordination.

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