Northwest NEWS

January 8,2001


Police Beat

Dec. 27: A prowler was caught in a residential neighborhood after a woman called 911 to report a male suspect had tried doors and was prowling around her home. A short time later police picked up the suspect who admitted to the prowling. He was booked into King County jail on trespassing 2nd degree.
   Dec. 27: A car was reported stolen from a repair shop parking lot. No suspects have been found at this time.
   Dec. 27: A male was arrested for violating a valid no- contact order after he was found driving with the person for whom the judge had issued the order.
   Dec. 27: A family received seven harassing phone calls after midnight from a sister of a friend of the daughter. Police called the harassing party and told them to stop and encouraged the parties involved to use conflict management techniques.
   Dec. 28: A vehicle blocking a private driveway was reported by a Woodinville resident. Police ran the license number and found the car had been reported stolen. On inspection of the vehicle, officers discovered the left front tire was flat, the car stereo had been stolen, the car ignition had been damaged, and the contents of the glove box were strewn about the vehicle.
   Dec. 31: An unknown suspect entered an apartment through an open bedroom window and stole $10 from a nightstand.
   Nothing else was reported missing, and the cat will have to find another way into and out of the apartment.
   Jan. 1: Unknown suspects stole a car from the parking lot of a Woodinville eatery.