Northwest NEWS

January 15,2001


Why many vote NO on Riverview School District Athletic Field

Dear Cedarcrest Students, Faculty, Administrators and Committee members;
   The athletic field proposal failed again for many reasons. It is not because we are cheap, stubborn or vote No against schools just for the fun of it, as opposed toVote Yes for Schools. There are many reasons the residents of the Riverview School District have voted no repeatedly.
   It is because there has been no reasonable proposal made which we can support. The Riverview School District has shown us only one vision for an athletic field and that is to have it at Cedarcrest High School in Duvall and have consistently put forth only one vision of what kind of facilities they want. Their desires do not take into consideration many factors in this issue and these will continue to surface each time the same idea is pushed upon us year after year. A no vote has been for the following reasons:
   The athletic fields proposed only further divide the communities of Carnation and Duvall because when the district created Cedarcrest, they took away historic Tolt High School and made it disappear. There is no place for Tolt High School graduates and students to return, no homecoming and no cultural ties to their young lives.
   Tell the complaining students at Cedarcrest that this school district erased the memory of 75 classes of former students who helped build these communities. Some are saying NO because the current proposals do not make an effort to amend the rift in these communities caused by such blatant disregard to the cultural history of the area.
   The previous failing proposals require current Cedarcrest students who live in Carnation to travel to another community to attend school and all extra curricular events. This is not fair to them.
   The residents who physically reside around Cedarcrest High School have adjusted their lives to the increased traffic and unsafe road conditions created by the dramatic increase in cars and buses five days a week. Now you want them to add streams of traffic on an unsafe road on Friday night and weekends as well, for football and soccer games.
   When Cedarcrest was built, there were no road upgrades made to Batten Road and other main arterials leading to the site. Joggers, walkers and those trying to leave their driveways in the morning and afternoon have put up with dangerous conditions every day during the school year for quite some time now and nothing is in the works to alleviate this problem. The School District just wants to add to this burden without consideration as to how it affects those who must live with it daily.
   This is not fair to them. Some are saying NO to more dangerous traffic on more days. There can be a compromise, but it is never considered to the point of proposal.
   Build a state-of-the-art athletic field on the site of the present Howard Miller Athletic Field. Put in excellent stands and accommodations, allowing Carnation students to be host and take an active part of their high school experience. This would generate goodwill toward the communities, boost local business on Friday nights and weekends in an area that can accommodate the traffic, lights and noise of games. This would also be an opportunity to create a beautiful place for Tolt graduates and former students to come together for their own homecoming game and reunions.
   The sign could read, "Howard A. Miller Athletic Field, Home of The Cedarcrest Redwolves and the Tolt Demons from 1919 - 1993." Having this field at this location would also benefit Tolt Middle School and make it unnecessary to build a new field for that school.
   To vote NO is not always a bad thing. Sometimes it is the only way residents can try to remind the school district that it, not that we don't want ANY field, it is that we don't want the one they keep trying to force down our throats year after year after year.
   When the Riverview School District comes up with a real solution to the problems and quits trying to create a pale version of everybody else's suburban high school dream, then we'll vote yes. You have two communities here, a rich history, a fabulous group of student supporters and a wonderful opportunity to make a real and lasting cultural statement with a newathletic field in the right place. I'm sure there will be another bond issue on this and I'll see you at the polls.
   Lorna Barth, Duvall