Northwest NEWS

January 15,2001


Letters to the Editor

Let people merge

*I am disturbed by the attitude displayed in last week's editorial regarding traffic and people's inability to merge. The authors point out that the law states "When your lane ends, or when you have to merge, you have to yield the right of way."

Why many vote NO on Riverview School District Athletic Field

*The athletic field proposal failed again for many reasons. It is not because we are cheap, stubborn or vote No against schools just for the fun of it, as opposed toVote Yes for Schools.

Federal law should now have serious impact in Snohomish County

*The survival of our Northwest chinook salmon passed a significant milestone on Jan. 8 when a federal law took effect making it illegal to harm chinook or their habitat.

Staying the Course on Education Reform

*Washington's public schools are in the midst of a sweeping transformation.

ChalkBoard Education: The Preservation of a Democratic Society

*Is the American system of public education a relic of the past, which is destined to be replaced by other options to yield a superior result - not only for individual students but for our nation?

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