Northwest NEWS

January 15,2001


Police Beat

Jan. 5: A small motor was stolen from a vehicle that was on display at a Woodinville business. The loss was discovered in a routine inventory check of displayed vehicles. There are no suspects at this time.
   Jan. 5: A suspect attempted unsuccessfully to enter a locked and secured business. The suspect tried to pry open the door, but the alarm went off, police were called and K-9 unit dogs tracked the suspect.
   Jan. 6: A juvenile was charged with second degree theft for stealing a parent's ATM card and removing $380 from local ATMs.
   Jan. 6: Unknown suspects tried to pry open the front door of an apartment. The victim noticed the door would not shut properly and that there were pry marks on the door and a small sliver of doorframe wood on the ground. No suspect information at this time.
   Jan. 7: Unknown objects were used to smash in a glass front door and gain entry to a business. Suspects removed four computers and a printer. Prints were lifted at the scene and placed into evidence.
   Jan. 8: An employee returning to work in the morning found unknown suspects had pried open a rear door using a crow bar or large screw driver and removed cash and a cash box containing approximately $200.
   Jan. 8: Vandals threw rocks through windows on a new construction site. Police patrols have been increased in that area of Woodinville.
   Jan. 8: A disgruntled ex-employee gained entry to his former workplace through an overhead warehouse door and was seen by other employees proceeding to the office where he reportedly stole two other employees' checks. A copier was found to have shoe marks on it, had been moved away from the wall and was not operational. The stolen checks were canceled and reissued to the two employees. The overhead door was also damaged and the ex-employee was arrested.
   Jan. 9: A stolen company truck was recovered. The vehicle, stolen from the company lot, was discovered when a citizen called the company to ask why the vehicle was parked in front of her home. An employee went to the scene and found the vehicle had the wires ripped out under the dash and phoned police. Police theorized the suspects had gained entry through an unlocked rear window of the truck.