Northwest NEWS

January 22,2001


No wonder the Feds are happy to make local officials the bad guys

How many citizens are aware of local fish protection requirements as proposed by Tri-County officials under their 4(d) Rule Proposal of November 2000 - the rules by which we avoid the tyranny of federal controls?
   The most significant, impactful proposal is for Management Zones, "a regulatory overlay in, and along, most water bodies." The zones are proposed at 200' widths each side for Salmon Water Bodies, and 65' to 115' widths for Non-Salmon Streams.
   For rural areas, there's to be a 150' no-disturbance-except-restoration inner zone, and a 50' outer zone where 35 percent clearing would be allowed, but with "0 percent Effective Impervious Surface."
   In the Urban areas there would be 115' inner and 85' outer zones. The differential is not approved by scientists who say urban fish protection is as important as rural fish protection.
   Additionally, in the rural areas outside the urban protected riparian corridors there is the "65-10" standard whereby there will be at least 65 percent forest cover and no more than 10 percent impervious surface.
   Depending on site size, 10 percent might be insufficient for the driveway, parking and structures. And good-bye to clearing for pastures and horticulture.
   It's a case of with friends like those of our local officials, who needs the enemies of the Feds. No wonder the Feds are happy to turn their bad-guy role over to our local officials.
   Maxine Keesling, Woodinville